oil prices https://www.fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/tags/oil-prices Sun, 16 Jun 2024 01:31:00 +0000 MYOB en-gb NOPEC?? Will the U.S. Pass Anti-OPEC legislation? https://www.fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/nopec-will-the-us-pass-anti-opec-legislation https://www.fsmetals.com/about-us/blog/nopec-will-the-us-pass-anti-opec-legislation

Every few years it seems that some elected representative puts some proposed legislation forward to ban OPEC and stop its ability to manipulate oil pricing. Usually, this legislation follows a period of increasing oil prices and seeks to subject governments who are otherwise exempt from anti-trust rules to our laws concerning anti-trust. The argume...

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