The Five Star Difference


We realize that many of our competitors provide similar products. So why buy from us?

Put simply. Our product. Our team. Our service.

First and foremost is the quality of material we provide. Five Star has taken years to develop its approved supplier list. While we buy from mills all over the world, we continuously audit those facilities and randomly test our product to ensure strict compliance with our rigorous specifications. Five Star’s specifications meet or exceed every major manufacturer’s requirements.

But more than just testing and strict quality control, the Five Star team is unique in the industry. Our team has varying industry experience. Our staff members have worked in forge shops, testing labs, and for wellhead manufacturers. This diverse experience gives Five Star superior knowledge of the materials we supply. Moreover, a majority of our staff members have been with the Company for ten years or more. Because we have little turnover, our staff is experienced which results in not only efficiency and cost savings for our customers, but also less errors.

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