4130 Alloy Steel - Round Bar

Sizes Stocked  - 1.5"OD to 34"OD

Stocked in the as rolled, the normalized, the quenched & tempered, and the normalized quenched & tempered conditions.

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4130 Alloy Steel - Square Bar

Sizes Stocked - 8" x 8" to 14" x 14"

Stocked in normalized quenched & tempered condition

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4140 Alloy Steel

Sizes Stocked - 2"OD to 24"OD

Stocked in as rolled, annealed, quenched & tempered, and normalized quenched & tempered conditions

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4340 Alloy Steel

Sizes Stocked - 4"OD to 23"OD

Stocked in As Rolled, Annealed/ Normalized, and Quenched & Tempered Conditions

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410 Stainless

Sizes Stocked - 1.25"OD to 32"OD

Stocked in Annealed & Quenched and Double Tempered Conditions

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17-4 PH Stainless

Sizes Stocked - 2"OD to 14"OD

Stocked in Annealed, H900, H1025, H1075, Single H1150, Double HH1150

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